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Nearly every day, I share comments like this online:

I know someone who predicted this before it happened.

Here’s her latest video, with links to more info.

It’s a big job and rather tiring, but I’ve got faith that I’m making a big difference. Alura has already said that if we spread the word, people will see it and make changes.

I’m not a natural extrovert – or perhaps it’s just that I wasn’t raised to be. Thinking back, I was more social when I was small. So now I’m correcting some of the habits and training I adopted that no longer suit me, as per recommendations from my guides and higher self. During this time of intense meditation, reflection, and decision-making, it’s interesting to look back on my life and see how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m considering things…

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“To the Righteous” – Poetry

Let us sing the old, old song Of the Love that's freely given Starbursts glitter! Infinite Mind's Regalia of joy we live in Raindrops within raindrops Indestructible ties are binding Memories returning through The darkened mist that shrouds them Clawing your way up From beneath the mire of ruin Destined to be at one with… Continue reading “To the Righteous” – Poetry

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“The Angelic Virtues” – Poetry

  Aligns with your higher self Nourishes the spirit Guiding light to millions Energizes love for all Lifts you up in times of sorrow Inner sanctuary made sacred Cleanses mind and body   Victorious over darkness Illuminates the path Righteousness everlasting Tempering the blade Unite with those who came before you Enter the ranks of… Continue reading “The Angelic Virtues” – Poetry

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“The Days Of Long Farewell” – Poetry

Hearken, children! Gather 'round! Circle's cast on sacred ground As I speak this ancient tale Of the days of long farewell - Lean in closer, bend your ears! All may listen, few may hear Stories and predictions made Learned from cradle, passed to grave - Now we face them each in turn All because we… Continue reading “The Days Of Long Farewell” – Poetry

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Updated Links: It’s not too late

The Facebook group, Truthian Circle, has been deleted and replaced entirely by Exploring Angels. I have updated the links on this site and my personal blog, Superlative Deviation. The group is now private, but all are free to send a request to join! We just want to protect everyone's privacy. It's a wonderful, light-hearted gathering… Continue reading Updated Links: It’s not too late

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“Recipe For Joy Attainable” – Poetry

Ingredients: One step taken day by day to lift you to the golden way. One prayer offered every hour to rebuild the broken tower. "Thank you" spoken every moment to face your fears and your opponents. And a gift that's freely given to raise others up to Heaven.   Copyright © 2020 - 2023 by… Continue reading “Recipe For Joy Attainable” – Poetry

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“A Re-writing Of History” – Poetry

Fictions spun to serve the needs Of distant peoples and their greed, Will grow and prosper nevermore For karma's knocking at their doors.   Poetry: Copyright © 2020 - 2023 by Ena Whiteraven  All rights reserved. Based on the work of Alura Cein Image: photographer unknown  

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Author Site Update: New Content, Final Pages

Heading into spring, I've altered my schedule in preparation for upcoming changes. I will now be posting new content to my author site and/or personal blog on Tuesdays. Several new personal posts have been added to Superlative Deviation already. My primary focus is on completing the final pages of my novel, and this schedule should… Continue reading Author Site Update: New Content, Final Pages

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“From the Place Outside Of Time” – Poetry

Birthed into a foreign world My face so unlike me Caught within the vicious cycle Pure insanity.   I recall a droplet On the crystal spiderweb Reminded by the angel Balancing both heart and head.   Memories returning, Fighting through the darkened shroud Bursting into consciousness Within the time allowed.   In a world apart,… Continue reading “From the Place Outside Of Time” – Poetry