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“From the Place Outside Of Time” – Poetry

Birthed into a foreign world My face so unlike me Caught within the vicious cycle Pure insanity.   I recall a droplet On the crystal spiderweb Reminded by the angel Balancing both heart and head.   Memories returning, Fighting through the darkened shroud Bursting into consciousness Within the time allowed.   In a world apart,… Continue reading “From the Place Outside Of Time” – Poetry

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“A Lesson From Rock Bottom” – Poetry

Buffeting winds! Blades of ice. Light of a candle calls you Courage and strength both fail Hope and joy released as birds Shadows of warmth cruelly mock you - Knees give way to an endless descent With final breath, you cry out From the bottomless pit of death. But what is this? Not oblivion, but… Continue reading “A Lesson From Rock Bottom” – Poetry

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“Choose the Light, Be the Light”: Site / Lit. / Personal Update

  It's been quite some time since I posted a personal update here. I turned my site into a kind of online resume where people could read some of my poetry and take a look at my other credits as my career really takes off. However, with the new year, I'm putting together some new… Continue reading “Choose the Light, Be the Light”: Site / Lit. / Personal Update

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“Special Feature! Just because the world is in chaos doesn’t mean it’s too late.”

  Please join us online and out in the world. Connect with loved ones and neighbors, strangers and friends. Share this information wherever you can. Even I have been upping my game! Several new pages will be added to this site right away and a new post will debut shortly after this. New personal posts… Continue reading “Special Feature! Just because the world is in chaos doesn’t mean it’s too late.”

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“Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

He said, "Let there be light!" But was that all? Far from it...   The Goddess and the God spin around and around Astaire and Rogers Divine To a celestial harmony Sung by Their Children infinitely.   And as They part ways, in that empty space Is the memory of romance eternal They must dance… Continue reading “Astaire and Rogers Divine” – Poetry

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“A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

You treat Their Names with no respect And wonder why honor has left you You steal Their gifts given freely in love And wonder why famine destroys you You betray Their teachings, pervert Their signs And wonder why Tyranny rules you You mock Their images and grace And wonder why crime overwhelms you You burn… Continue reading “A Letter To the Foolish” – Poetry

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Lit. Update: "Hello, Chapter Thirteen!"

Superlative Deviation

  Today, I completed what I’ve decided will be the end of chapter twelve. The further I go into re-writing the ending to my novel, the more different this draft becomes. Now I’m beginning lucky chapter thirteen! Will it be the finale? I’m not sure. At the moment, I have to play it by ear – let the story go where it need to go and end when it needs to end. There might be a fourteenth chapter, but I don’t see many more after that. After a rough week, it’s nice to have some good news.

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