Updates: Welcome to the brand-new website!

At long last, I have completed the new site. I’m so glad you are joining me on this stage of my journey. I have so many wonderful things planned!

All my author info as well as the status of my upcoming projects will be posted here, and the old webpage will be deleted. I am also looking into overhauling my social media platforms, so stay tuned for those notifications. Over the next few months, I will be completing one book (possibly two) and creating a special surprise for some of my fellow writers and artists. My search for a book agent will begin in earnest towards the end of this year, as I very much wish to break into traditional publishing.

As we shift into a new season, everyone is cleaning out the old and bringing in the new. I think it’s time for me to do that with my writing, too. With a clear head and an open mind, I’m eager to see what lies ahead. – E.W.

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Update For July and August, 2018

Appologies for the delay. Life has become increasingly busy for me. With the end of my high school equivalency exams in sight, new health routines, and changes at home, I have been run off my feet. However, I do have some good news and information on plans for my upcoming projects.


Tumblr Blog

The Little Star Project has been renamed and is getting a new look. When doing an internet search, I discovered that the title “The Little Star Project” or “Little Star Project” was being used in too many other blogs to represent something else. So I have changed the name of my Tumblr blog to Superlative Deviation. The link has been posted on the “About” page of this website, along with links to my other social media pages. Just copy and paste!

The name Superlative Deviation literally means “the best, highest, utmost change or alteration from the norm”. There are deeper meanings, but I will not go into them here.

Cozy Mystery

The new revisions for the cozy mystery are well under way! I expect to complete them much sooner now because I have just gotten internet access in my home and a computer I can work on. I am looking forward to being able to share the title and release date with you all!

Etsy Shop

While this is somewhat off topic, I thought I should mention it anyway because of the Tumblr blog. I will be creating an online shop on etsy.com that will also be called SuperlativeDeviation. There I will be selling pieces of art that I am in the process of completing.

YouTube Channel

I have laid the foundation for creating a channel on YouTube! There I plan to discuss creative writing issues, answer questions from followers and fans, give a behind-the-scenes look at the deeper meanings behind some of my projects, and upload book trailers as my career expands. I might also do a few videos on lifestyle or other topics that people might be interested in. My goal is to create an online infrastructure that I can use for just about anything as I continue to put my name and work out there and gain recognition in the writing field. And with the recent downward spiral that YouTube has taken by censoring wholesome content and promoting degrading, immoral agendas and view points, I felt that I should make a stand there, as well.


Those who are interested can follow any one of the platforms I am creating and managing. I want to make sure that the adults and youths of today and the future can always find me somewhere online. As decent people continue to allow the world to become darker and more perverse, I and others like me will continue doing our part to ensure there will be an alternative – morality, decency, freedom, and common sense.

Be safe, be blessed.


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June 2018:

If there is one thing I have learned in life so far, it’s that life can not be rushed. Everything has it’s Divine timing, and if we stop fighting it, we stress less. I have started applying this lesson, and already life is getting much better. Things are happening – just not in the way I planned.


Cozy Mystery

After months of experiencing rejection after rejection, I submitted my manuscript to one of the last agencies on my list. When they contacted me, it was another rejection but of a different kind. The agent kindly took the time to explain what they liked about the sample pages and suggested some changes to help capture the reader’s attention more quickly. She said they would be happy to reconsider representing the novel after the changes were made. This was a huge change from all the other agencies that were sending form rejections about how selective the industry is at this time. So now, I am editing the manuscript again, adding the recommended changes and polishing some of the dialogue. After which, I will resubmit. Fingers crossed!


Fantasy Story

The fantasy story I’ve been developing is coming along in its own way. It is an interesting experience because I am writing in a genre that I do not typically read. Often, I become bored with fantasy books; but I know that many people these days enjoy them. It will be exciting to see what kind of reaction it gets once I complete and publish it. For those who might be wondering, this story will also be going to a traditional publishing house.


The Little Star Project (Tumblr blog)

My blog is slowly gaining a greater following. I suspect that most people are not quite as active on tumblr as they are on other social media platforms. Nevertheless, it has drawn several original readers. Up to now, I have held off writing another original article because – again – I was waiting for the right inspiration and the perfect timing. So in July, I might pen one or two.



While this is not really a topic I go into on my author site, it is a major factor in when my other projects are completed. As previously mentioned, I have been working hard to continue my education. Recently, I finished a major portion of my course and am now considering putting myself through college. Because I am homeschooling myself, I can do my lessons whenever I have the time. Still, life needs balance. So this and the cozy revisions will take priority.


I hope everyone is staying cool this season. Let’s all work hard to achieve our goals but not forget to appreciate the little things. Remember: timing.

  • E.W.


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April Update

Welcome back!

This month has been very busy for me, hence the delay in website updates. Here are a few quick highlights that I can share with you:

Completed: Poetry Book

My new poetry book is completed! I have sent the manuscript to an illustrator who is doing custom artwork for the cover. I can hardly wait to see what he comes up with!

Cozy Mystery Sequel

I have begun working on the sequel to my cozy mystery novel while continuing to submit the original to agents. So far, it’s only a few preliminary notes.

The Little Star Project

My Tumblr blog is being updated fairly regularly and is beginning to gain a following. An original article is scheduled for some time next month.

Future Projects

I have been working on a fantasy story, as mentioned previously, as well as a possible idea for another children’s book. I have also been considering releasing a second edition of my first poetry book and the children’s story collection after finding an illustrator(s) who will do a custom cover design for them.

I am currently without a computer or internet access in my home but hope to have that resolved somehow in the future. I hope you all enjoy the beauty of spring and find inspiration in the nature around you. Happy springtime!

– E.W.

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Feb./Mar. Update: The Evolving Whiteraven Net

Welcome back! As previously forecast, I have been completely revamping my social media presence and powering up the submissions process. Here is the latest news:


                                                        The Little Star Project

I am happy to announce that both my Tumblr blogs have been deleted and replaced with a special and very different blog entitled “The Little Star Project”. All my literary updates will be posted on my author site and will receive mentions on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

This decision will probably come as a surprise to some of the people who decide to view my Tumblr, especially because it is a completely different kind of page now. If you go there, you will see my author website articles are still being uploaded. That will not change. The Little Star Project was born out of an increasing sense that I needed to “come out of the broom closet”, sort of speak, on certain issues. Being very active in the support of my best friend and mentor, I felt a strong desire to help show case her unique work, as well as reveal another side of myself that I have kept separate from the public discussion of my writing.

To me, life and spirituality are one and the same thing. I live a spiritual lifestyle, and while I would never throw it in anybody’s face or use it to set myself above anyone else, I’m not afraid to admit it openly. Writing is only one part of who I am – a big part, but still only one. While my author website will continue to be the go-to place for all things related to my writing projects, I need different place to share my other passions – passions that have and continue to inspire the very books and poetry that I create. In the future, author website updates will sometimes include new additions on The Little Star Project blog so that anyone who is interested can go check them out.


Agent Submission Process and Mystery Novels

As mentioned before, I have begun submitting my adult cozy mystery novel to multiple literary agencies. I have a good feeling about one or two of them and hope to hear back from several people within a few weeks. Also, I have officially decided to do a sequel to the first novel. While a second book was always in the plans, it was not until recently that I began receiving the inspiration for it. A working title has been made, as well a tentative synopsis.


 Family Fantasy Novel

The fantasy novel mentioned on the “New Projects” page has taken off! Expanding story notes including concept illustrations are being woven together to form a first draft. While I am not an illustrator, sketching ideas for locations, objects, and characters does help me get my thoughts in order. You can see a picture of one of my sketches on my Instagram page.


Artist Of Mind Blog

Unfortunately, the Artist Of Mind blog is no longer with us. After months of looking for other artists to feature, I have decided to delete this WordPress page and instead share the content on my social media pages – at least for now. I would have liked this idea to pan out, but it seems it just wasn’t the right time. I have had much greater success showcasing other people’s work on my Instagram page. Some info will also be shared to my personal Facebook page occasionally. Who knows – perhaps in the future I will be able to resurrect the blog with the help of a few friends.

All in all, my new system should make it much easier for me to keep track of my many developing and on-going projects. I am only one person. I do not have anyone managing these sites and accounts for me. Everything that you see written, posted, shared, and commented on is being done by me personally. That takes an awful lot of time. Plus, I have the books and poetry to write and my education to complete. Of course, daily life often steps in and changes everything. However, the load has already gotten far more manageable with the changes I have made. I hope you all will join me as I continue forward. Let’s see what other wonderful things are come!

Until the next update. – E.W.


February Update

Now that the new year has officially begun, so have many of my new plans. I have begun submitting the manuscript for the cozy mystery to agents. Yay! Another milestone reached! Because I have made my education the new priority for right now, I am placing the poetry book on the back burner until my final exams are complete.

The notes for the young adult book are taking shape very nicely. Also, I am doing some preliminary notes for a possible fantasy story. Keep your fingers crossed! I am considering taking some additional writing courses at some point in the future, but nothing is decided yet.

Over the next few months, my social media platforms will probably be changing. So stay tuned for a new look on some of them. I might close one or two, but if so, I’ll give plenty of notice. It is just very hard to keep up with all the updates, plus school, plus writing, plus every day life. That is also the reason why I chose not to post an update for January on this site; too many other things were more important. However, now I’m back!

I hope you all have a wonderful new year. Work hard to achieve your dreams. Together, we can make a difference.  – E.W.

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December Update: Poetry, Blog, and Cozy Mystery

This month has gone by so quickly! I almost thought I wouldn’t get the chance to update you all, but here I am at last. After the holiday season is over, I will be submitting the new poetry manuscript to my illustrator, who will begin working on ideas for the cover art. This will be the first time I have ever worked with an artist so I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

The new blog, Artist Of Mind, is scheduled to receive a new article sometime around January, as well. Also, I begin my educational studies that same month so it looks like the new year is going to be packed with stuff to do.

As we are already approaching a new reviewing period in the publishing industry, the cozy mystery is coming up for revision. It shouldn’t take very long, considering how much work went into the new version. Then I will be submitting the manuscript to agents.

May you each have a blessed holiday and new year. Let’s work hard to make our dreams come true!


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The Big Reveal!

Welcome back to another update!

As promised, I have an announcement to make – beginning today, November 25th, I am launching a special blog dedicated to showcasing various unknown and little-known artists as a way to give back to the community. You can visit it now at:


This blog will feature new articles approximately once a month. I ask that you all be patient with me, as I have numerous other projects and commitments to fulfill.

So far, it looks as if the new year will be a very busy time for me. The manuscript for the new poetry book is still under way, and I now have two novels scheduled, as well – one in the YA category, the other a more adult story. I will also be going back to school soon but will be formulating a new schedule so I can stay on top of everything.

As to my completed cozy mystery, I am hoping to find an agent by next year. Until then, revisions and editing are scheduled for sometime in January.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday season. Love and success to all!